Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – June 2019 – World

Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - June 2019 - World



Throughout June 2019: In unspecified Anglophone locations, armed separatists set fire to an unspecified number of shipments of food, medicine and bedding which was being escorted by the Cameroon Armed Forces, claiming that they will never accept aid from the Cameroonian Government. Source: VOA

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Throughout June 2019: In North Kivu and Ituri provinces, heightened insecurity and distrust of health workers continued to hamper Ebola containment efforts. Sources: BBC and VOA 05 June 2019: In Beni city, North Kivu province, an unidentified armed group attacked a convoy of health workers from an Ebola response team. One person was injured. Source: ACLED1 24 June 2019: In Mulekera neighbourhood, Beni, North Kivu, a communal militia attacked Ebola response team, injuring four people and burning their vehicle. Source: ACLED1 , AP News, Daily Herald and BBC 25 June 2019: In Lukaya, Kinshasa, Ebola response base was attacked by Mayi Mayi. No further details specified. Source: ACLED1 Mali Throughout June 2019: In Douentza cercle, Mopti region, insecurity caused by armed groups continued to prevent inhabitants of several unnamed villages from reaching health care services and aid groups from reaching those in need of assistance. Source: MSF


15 June 2019: In Tchoungoua village, Diffa region, suspected ISWAP/Boko Haram militants abducted a man (practitioner of traditional medicine) and a woman. Source: ACLED1

South Sudan

02 June 2019: In Bor town, Jonglei state, a female national INGO aid worker was assaulted by a male national aid worker at the Bor PoC site. The assault reportedly occurred because the female aid worker refused demands to medically treat the male colleague’s wife. The female aid worker received medical treatment and the male aid worker was subsequently arrested by UNPOL.
Source: AWSD2


03 June 2019: In Khartoum, in the midst of a military crackdown on demonstrators, members of the Rapid Support Forces stormed and forcibly shut several hospitals treating injured protesters and looted them. The perpetrators also set alight and destroyed an unspecified number of tent clinics and raped at least two female medical personnel. Sources: Fox News, Manila Bulletin, PHR, TNH I, TNH II and VOA

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