Former Special Counsel Faces Lawmakers

Former Special Counsel Faces Lawmakers

In his opening statement of the second hearing featuring former special counsel Robert Mueller, Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, accused the leadership of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign of “disloyalty to country”

“Your investigation determined that the Trump campaign including Trump himself knew that a foreign power was intervening in our election and welcomed it, built Russian meddling into their strategy, and used it,” Mr. Schiff said.

“That disloyalty may not have been criminal. Constrained by uncooperative witnesses, the destruction of documents and the use of encrypted communications, your team was not able to establish each of the elements of the crime of conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt, so not a provable crime, in any event. But, I think, maybe, something worse,” Mr. Schiff said according to prepared remarks.

“A crime is the violation of a law written by Congress. But disloyalty to country violates the very obligation of citizenship, our devotion to a core principle on which our nation was founded, that we, the people, not some foreign power that wishes us ill, we decide, who shall govern, us,” Mr. Schiff said.

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