Ow! Sex Tips for Men With Back Pain

Although sex drives vary, most men enjoy engaging in sexual activity with a certain frequency, yet the plethora of sex tips available that are geared at increasing the amount of sex a man gets. But men also have a need for sex tips that address issues related to quality, not quantity of sex – such as what to do if lower back pain is a deterrent to sexual enjoyment. Penis care is clearly cruel to a guy's sex life, but sometimes there are impediments to optimal sexual engagement that do not directly concern the manhood itself.

Back pain

Everyone gets some kind of back pain at some point. Often it's due to an easily-identifiable cause. A guy helps his buddies move into a new apartment and the strain makes his back ache a little for the next day or two. Or sometimes a man over-reaches for something on the top shelf and develops a little twitch in the back that causes discomfort for a while.

But many people get what might be termed more serious back pain – something that has a higher level of pain associated with it and / or that lasts for a longer period of time than a couple of days. Exact statistics are hard to come by, but one study estimates that 36% of the population at some point in their lives experiences a low back pain problem that lasts for a year or more.

Sex tips to help

With low back pain a common occurrence, men need to know what steps they can take to help combat this problem and still enjoy coupling. The following sex tips may help.

– Talk to the doctor. It's good to discuss one's back pain with a doctor and to see if they have any suggestions or warnings that need to be taken into consideration.

– Try a new position. This is a no-brainer, but many men do not think about it. The position employed during intercourse has a huge impact on both the range and the force of motion involved in thrusting, which in turn relates to the pressure put on the back. A 2014 medical study looked at 5 sex positions and their relation to in males. This study found that "doggy" style sex – in which the woman is on all fours and the man enters the vagina from behind while kneeling – is the most supportive of men with back issues. (The study found, interestingly, that this position works best when the woman supports her upper body by leaning on her elbows, rather than on her hands.)

– Vary an old position. Sometimes small adjustments in a position can make a big difference. The 2014 study mentioned above found that men who had sex in the missionary position experienced less back strain if they supported their upper body with their hands, rather than resting on their elbows.

– Work it out before and after. It helps to prep the sore back before intercourse and soothe it afterwards. For example, applying a nice warm towel to the back beforehand can help relax the muscles; a nice massage afterward can practically loosen the muscles and ease strain.

Men with back pain of course need some general sex tips that do not refer to the back. For example, all men should regularly apply a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep the manhood healthy and ready for sexual opportunities. Making sure the penis is properly sensitized increases enjoyment of sexual acts, so using a crème with acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient, is key. The crème also needs to include vitamin D, the "miracle vitamin" that supports healthy penile cellular function and aids in fighting disease. A properly cared-for penal will amply reward its owner, whether he suffers from back pain or not.

Source by John Dugan