Fat Burning Diet Plan For Men – Tips

Is the man in your life struggling to keep his weight in check now that he is getting older? If so, these fat burning diet plan for men tips will help to get him back in shape again.

The most important first step is to get him to change his mind set. He needs to understand that as he gets older, he can ill afford to be carrying excess weight/fat. He needs to start thinking along these lines – “I must look after my health and I no longer want to be fat”.

Next important step in his healthy living/weight and fat loss regime is to commit to an exercise plan. This doesn’t need to be over the top and can be something as simple as undertaking a brisk 30 minute walk each day. As his fitness level increases he should be able to do more than this, but a daily walk will help him get started on the road to better health and physical conditioning.

Now for the dreaded four letter word – “Diet”. In reality, the simpler the diet to follow, the easier it will be to lose weight. There are some golden rules that make this a lot easier. Avoid white rice and pasta, white bread, sugar and watch milk based products. Any wheat based products should be avoided as well. So what does that leave? Healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, chicken, fish, turkey and lots of salads should now start to be the basis of your man’s diet. With your salads, don’t smother them in mayonnaise; instead use olive oil and lemon juice for taste and flavour.

Now it’s time to eliminate the colas and sodas from your diet as many of these are full of sugar. Replace these with good old fashioned water and drink around 8 glasses each day. You can’t ruin his life completely so a glass of wine a couple of times during the week should be his reward for good behaviour.

Look, losing weight/fat should be approached as a long term lifestyle changing situation. It is no good looking to go on a diet for a week or so and then falling back into bad habits. That will never work for any length of time and this is why a longer term approach is required. If you can get your man to understand this, he will start and enjoy being healthy and hopefully he won’t fall back into his old ways again.

I was once grossly overweight and I know what it feels like to be a social outcast.

Source by Fiona Ford