Penis Health and Blue Balls: Information for Men

There is some debate over whether “blue balls” is actually a thing, or just a concept frustrated men who haven’t reached orgasm every time they’ve wanted to have invented. Are blue balls a real phenomenon? If so, do they have an effect on penis health? Below men can learn the facts, along with some tips for dealing with testicular discomfort.

The Facts

“Blue balls” can actually occur, but they don’t affect all men. When a man becomes sexually aroused, his penis and testicles engorge with blood. This creates an erection and increases the size of the sack. Veins that typically carry blood away from the genitals are constricted in this state so that a man maintains his erection.

After a man releases, the veins open up more and drain blood away from the groin, returning both the penis and testicles to their previous size. If orgasm is not reached, a man may experience a feeling of pressure and/or mild pain in the testicles from the prolonged engorgement.

Sometimes, the sack can take on a blue hue in this state as the blood within becomes deoxygenated over time and turns blue. This is likely where the name comes from.

It Can Happen to Her, Too

While females don’t have balls to turn blue, they can also experience pressure and/or pain in their naughty bits when climax isn’t reached.

What Not to Do

Some men who experience blue balls may feel like the “condition” requires that partners always bring them to orgasm. However, sometimes this is probably not going to happen. A partner may be tired or lose the mood partway through. A man should never pressure a partner to continue sexual activities because of his own discomfort.

If men have it in their heads that they are entitled to always achieve release, they are likely to put immoral pressure on others. The frustration and anger they may feel when they don’t finish may heighten their perception of testicular discomfort, which, without the emotional pile-on, wouldn’t be nearly as bothersome.

What to Do

First, and most obvious, a man can take matters into his own hand and get himself off. This will start the process of vasodilation that allows the blood to drain from the sack.

If this is undesirable or impossible, a man can simply wait it out. Generally, blue balls is not a dangerous situation and the blood will eventually drain from the groin. If a man experiences severe pain, he should get checked out by a doctor.

A man should also consult with a medical professional if he frequently has a difficult time achieving release. Along with impacting his sex life, this issue could indicate an underlying health problem that needs attention.

Remember that orgasm doesn’t always have to occur during sexual activities; sometimes, the process is more important than the completion. If a man readjusts his attitude toward and expectations around the act, he may find that blue balls aren’t nearly as problematic when he doesn’t finish.

Since blood flow is so important for erectile health, men would do well to adopt habits that promote good circulation. Getting regular cardio exercise and eating a well-rounded diet are necessary for this. Nixing cigarettes is also helpful. A man can also consider applying a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) directly to the male organ. Along with moisturizing the skin, Man1 Man Oil contains vitamin C and L-arginine, two ingredients that support proper blood flow. Keeping the manhood looking and feeling its best with the use of a quality skin care product is advisable for all men.

Source by John Dugan