Presentation On Miles Technology Site In Moorestown Monday Night

Moorestown Council will meet on Monday night, July 22, 7:30 p.m. at town hall, 111 West Second Street.

MOORESTOWN, NJ — There will be a presentation concerning a proposed affordable housing complex at the Miles Technology Site at the corner of Route 38 and Pleasant Valley Avenue during the township council meeting Monday night.

Moorestown Council will meet on Monday night, July 22, 7:30 p.m. at town hall, 111 West Second Street. The workshop portion of the meeting has been canceled in favor of a closed session discussion on affordable housing, pursuant to attorney-client privilege. The closed session begins at 6:30 p.m.

The presentation comes after council passed a proposed ordinance on introduction to establish new zoning on the site after a superior court judge ruled that Pennrose couldn’t move forward with its affordable housing proposal off Route 38 on July 8.

That vote was 4-1, with Councilman Mike Locatell providing the dissenting vote. Locatell pointed out that the previous council held presentations on the Pennrose proposal and other affordable housing proposals before council took them up for a vote.

Monday night’s presentation will be followed by votes on a resolution to support an application by the Walters Financial Group to move forward with the project, as well as a resolution to authorize Mayor Lisa Petriello to sign a letter of intent with the Walters Financial Group to allow them to develop the property.

The township remains in negotiations with the owner of the Miles Technology Site to purchase the property, which will be necessary before moving forward with any intentions to develop the site for affordable housing.

The public hearing and final vote on the Miles proposal itself is set for the Aug. 19 meeting. Read more here: Moorestown Council Considering Affordable Housing At Miles Technology Site

Council will hold public hearings and cast final votes on two other pieces of affordable housing legislation Monday night.

The first allows for the creation of 15 accessory apartments consistent with the affordable housing settlement agreement. The other establishes zoning of the Sbar Site off Lenola Road near Cinnaminson. The properties on the north and south sides of Sbar Boulevard would see 184 total units created, 36 of which would be set aside for affordable housing.

Read more here: Moorestown Amends Affordable Housing Plans, Approves Proposals

There will be a public hearing and a final vote on a proposal to set aside $550,000 and borrow $285,000 in bonds or notes to advance Phase II of the repaving project on Borton’s Landing Road, from Hartford Road to Creek Road.

Finally, there will be a public hearing and a final vote on a proposal that makes it clear that the governing body can make exceptions by resolution to an existing ordinance that otherwise generally prohibits alcohol on township property.

In the past, a resolution made such an exception for alcohol with respect to the Autumn in Moorestown event though the existing ordinance does not expressly allow for exceptions to be made by resolution. The ordinance is considered a codification and recognition of past practice.

No proposed ordinances are scheduled to be introduced. There are 10 items on the consent agenda. To view the full agenda, visit the agenda center on the township’s website.

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