Live updates: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein indictment unsealed

Live updates: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein indictment unsealed

An attorney for three alleged Jeffrey Epstein victims said his clients are “very gratified” by the indictments.

Attorney David Boies represents three women who have publicly shared allegations of abuse by Epstein – some of whom were minors during the time of the crimes.

“It’s a great step forward. This one is something that was a long time coming — too long,” he told CNN. “It is a great step towards getting justice for these victims, and the prosecutors in New York deserve a lot of credit for putting this together.”

Boies continued: “This indictment is important on two levels: first and most important it is a big step towards getting justice for the many victims of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Second it’s also important because it is a correction of what should have happened 10 years ago. The Justice Department is now doing what it can to make things right.” 

Boies would not confirm if his clients were the victims explicitly mentioned in the indictment, however, details laid out in the indictment match up with information they have submitted as part of lawsuits against Epstein and his associates over the past decade. 

Remember: The indictment doesn’t name any alleged victims, referring to them only as “Minor Victim-1,” “Minor Victim-2” and “Minor Victim-3” 

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