How New Technology is Changing the Market for Psychics and Astrologers

UNION, New Jersey, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, tech companies are changing the landscapes of traditional industry markets that have been resistant to changes over the years, and even over the decades.

The industry of astrology and fortune-telling with a turnover of $2 billion, just some time ago, was seemingly excluded from global changes: it was occupied by some 88,000 businesses, it had extremely outdated tools and methods of services. Those outdated sites, telephone calls, and scheduled appointments are, nowadays, being replaced by more technologically advanced and modern solutions.

The new app Seance solves a whole range of problems effectively improving the industry of psychic services.

The first matter solved by the app is the problem of a shortage of trust. Previously, the confidence in the choice of services was based on a reference from acquaintances which involved complications in terms of privacy.

Seance has resolved the problem of distrust by creating a common, open marketplace, where all of the spiritual advisors are evaluated by the customer’s rating and feedback. Each user can easily view the ratings within the application or feedback on the advisor including his/her current rating on Yelp in order to decide whether or not it is worth contacting that particular advisor.

The second matter addressed by the app deals with the transparency of pricing for services. Despite the abundance of market actors, prices in the industry vary greatly depending on the popularity of the advisor and his/her own subjective assessment of the cost of services.

Seance enables users to effectively apply the laws of the market to pricing in the psychic services industry. Spiritual advisors can charge any price, but each one should be aware of the fair competition he/she will face with other advisors in the open market. The problem of dishonesty in business is resolved as Seance acts as an arbitrator and affords customers the policy of a 100% money-back guarantee.

The third matter successfully solved is the lack of brief and anonymous communication: instead of contacting personally and making direct transactions, today all a customer needs to do is to download the app, subscribe and receive spiritual advice from any psychic expert of his/her choice.

Seance is registered in New Jersey and has already raised $1 million at the pre-seed investment stage, continuing its active expansion into the US and English-speaking psychic services industry markets.

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