Comment: Digitisation and technology integral to regional maritime growth – Maritime, Transmar, Egypt, Digitisation, Transport, Maritime

Comment: Digitisation and technology integral to regional maritime growth - Maritime, Transmar, Egypt, Digitisation, Transport, Maritime

In a world of technology the human touch, that important element of customer service, is often overlooked.

Having the latest in IT, embracing digitization and leveraging technology to record every movement that affects customer satisfaction is paramount in our business. But we have never lost track of the importance of our interactions with our customers: our team members are professionals: they understand the simple and the complicated questions that can frustrate exporters; pre-packing, paperwork, regulations, tracking, safety and security, all issues that can preoccupy even the most experienced export business.

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That’s why our people are on hand to help, on the end of an email, or on the phone, always available to support and ensure container shipping starts smoothly and ends with customers at both ends happy.

Transmar has been the Egyptian choice of container shipping for four decades and we have learned a lot along the way. One of the main things is that being a niche carrier is not a disadvantage: exporters want communication and most of all they want to feel confident in their dealing with a carrier. The exporters we work for we see as partners, people we want to do business with on a long-term basis and to do that we have to invest time and effort into developing those relationships. 

We say to exporters we are a true regional partner and we back that up with personal communication and a real interest in our container shipping operations. I have often said to potential customers that we are moving the lifeblood of our customers around the region and so the right delivery is what we need to be about.

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It is also the reason why we invest in technology and the right people. In a relentless hunt for new business, with more and customers becoming a number of reference points there is little room for some of the giant carriers to reach out to customers as real people. This is not something we worry about at Transmar. If we work for you, then we know you and we know what you want, when you want it and that is our template for success.

There is no halting the technological wave transforming the maritime industry, but we insist that it will not at the expense of customer interaction. A machine cannot tell you if a customer is really happy or resolve a delicate shipment issue purely with an algorithm.

What is needed is that delicate balance between speed and confidence that results in a satisfactory delivery. We are achieving this with high levels of customer satisfaction feedback because we take a little extra time to get things right.

In a world of split second decisions it pays to keep in mind that when humans talk to each other, issues are resolved often with a personal touch that we believe is always appreciated on both sides.

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