NYC park bathrooms could be hazardous to your health: report

NYC park bathrooms could be hazardous to your health: report

Bathrooms in city parks have really gone down the toilet.

Some restrooms in the city’s 1,700 outdoor recreation spaces are so foul, they could cause physical injury, according to a new report.

Exposed wires, damaged or missing safety straps on child changing stations, noxious odors and insufficient lighting are some of the conditions New Yorkers face when nature calls, according to a report by City Comptroller Scott Stringer. His office identified some or all of those problems at 53 bathrooms across the five boroughs.

In nearly 400 bathrooms, walls and ceilings were crumbling and sinks, toilets and changing tables were missing.

Among the stock of 1,428 total bathrooms inspected by Stringer’s office, 399 were in “unacceptable” condition.

And the city was found to rank 93rd nationally for bathroom availability, with just 16 public restrooms for every 100,000 residents. The most bladder-friendly city, St. Paul, had 210.

A previous study by the Center for an Urban Future found that all aspects of the city’s parks were in desperate need of repair. The average NYC park is more than 70 years old and hasn’t been renovated in two decades, the study found.

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