Career criminal accused of breaking into firehouse

Career criminal accused of breaking into firehouse

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a recurring problem—thieves targeting firehouses, and now it’s happened again. Friday morning, a woman was found prowling the station while firefighters slept.

The criminal complaint states just after 5 a.m., Janelle Chacon was caught in the kitchen at Fire Station 1. AFR officials are now investigating how the career criminal could’ve gotten in.

When they found Chacon, she had more than $900 on her and $400 was still missing. A pair of Beats headphones, some keys, and a list of personal items were also missing. Firefighters say it appears she had been going through lockers, the kitchen, the gym, and personal vehicles.

Chacon has a long rap sheet. This is the fourth time this year that she’s been arrested on felony charges, including criminal trespass, shoplifting, and breaking and entering. When she was picked up on Friday, she had three active warrants for her arrest.

One of those warrants was allegedly breaking into an elderly woman’s house last week. The elderly woman pushed her medical emergency button after she found Chacon in her kitchen going through her cabinets.

AFR wouldn’t go into detail but said it’s already made security changes after a vehicle was stolen from Station 5 in May. Now they are making more changes to make the fire stations more secure.

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