Australia v South Africa: Cricket World Cup 2019 – live! | Sport

South Africa win the toss and bat



Good morning or other time of day to you all, and welcome to Old Trafford. So much better than New Trafford. (Is there a New Trafford?) It’s the final day of the World Cup group stage. Not to be confused with a finals day, which is when finals will be played. Australia and India will both play on this final day and a subsequent finals day, but South Africa and Sri Lanka will play today but no further. India and Sri Lanka are playing right now down in Leeds (up in Leeds? Sideways in Leeds?) and then Australia v South Africa will start at 13:30 local British time.

There’s still a bit to play for, for the finalists. If Australia win, they get to chill out here in Manchester before their semi-final, then have a couple more days to relax before the final should they qualify. If Australia lose and India win, India will go top of the table and get the Manchester semi, which will be against the theoretically easier opponent New Zealand rather than England in Birmingham. Plenty to play for then.

As for South Africa, they’ve had a miserable tournament, and there’s been a fair amount of pillorying and apologising and all that sort of thing, which seems entirely over the top for a sporting event. But at least if they can get a win today, they’ll have a more cheerful note to go home on.

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