Around the House: Cordless technology helps homeowners in the yard – News – Daily Commercial

Around the House: Cordless technology helps homeowners in the yard - News - Daily Commercial

Growing up, the worst aspect of working in the yard was getting the gas, checking the oil, cleaning the spark plug and praying with each pull of the rip cord that your mower, trimmer or edger would start. Sweat rolling down your face as you tried to figure out, “Do I pull the choke in or out?” Because of the hassles and unreliability of lawn equipment, many people — especially the elderly and ladies — conceded to the expense of hiring someone to do the work for them.

For years, electric lawn equipment has been available to homeowners. However, the problem is dragging out an extension cord long enough to handle the tool and then paying enough attention that you don’t cut the cord while using it. Many of us have seen the sudden flash of electricity as we cut the cord while trimming a bush. For seniors and ladies, cords and electricity still present problems.

New battery and cordless technologies are taking a firm hold in the lawn and garden tool business. Let’s be clear, battery and cordless tools work well in the right conditions — moderately dryer terrain that is not completely overgrown under one acre. This describes about 90 percent of the residential lots in Lake and Sumter counties. Plus, with the senior and single-mother populations it makes these types of power tools more attractive.

DEWALT has been an industry leader in cordless technology for the construction industry for a couple of decades. Part of their continued appeal and dominance in the industry has been their development of higher voltage batteries, which last longer after charging. Drills have been a core part of this development as drywall hangers, door and window installers, and metal product fabricators rely on drills with high torque and long-lasting batteries. Plus, everyone needs a tool that is tough enough for a construction site.

As someone who has been in the construction industry for decades, although it’s odd seeing the yellow and white DEWALT brand on lawn and garden equipment, you automatically believe their products are high quality. Everything you need to clean up your yard is available, including a cordless lawn mower, trimmer, edger, blower and chainsaw. Most of the batteries are interchangeable, which is very convenient. In addition, cleaning up and storing up their equipment is a breeze.

The price on cordless technology is moderating every year, and if you include the expense of fuel and oil, cordless technology makes financial sense to most homeowners. In areas where there are environmental restrictions for combustion motors for lawn equipment, cordless lawn equipment is a must for homeowners. As with any piece of equipment, do not make the investment if you do not have the physical ability to handle the equipment or you have medical restrictions.

Also, just because a piece of equipment is cordless does not mean it will not hurt you. Cordless products can still cut off fingers and toes, and a mishandled electric chainsaw can be deadly. Follow all safety guidelines when handling any equipment and do not use this type of equipment in the rain or wet area.

Garage and equipment storage areas will soon have to be revamped. Gas and oil cans will be gone and traded for a charging station with multiple numbers of cordless batteries. The nicest part of this new cordless battery technology is that you will not have to waste 30 minutes in the heat trying to crank a stubborn piece of equipment — snap a battery in and you are off to cutting.


Don Magruder is the CEO of RoMac Building Supply. He is also the host of the Around the House TV show on LSTV and at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday; and at 7 a.m., Noon and 6 p.m. Saturday.

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