The Neuroscience Roundup – 07/05/19

The Neuroscience Roundup - 07/05/19

List   Jul 05, 2019
| by Ruairi J Mackenzie, Science Writer for Technology Networks

Here’s a short selection of our favorite neuroscience stories from the last week!


The genomics revolution has combined with advances in neuroscience to give birth to the field of neurogenomics. This infographic explores this nascent field with some really beautiful original graphics that showcase the incredible complexity of the brain’s genome, and the potential that neurogenomics has to treat neurological disease. 

1. A new study claims that electronic cigarettes, often targeted at teenagers, produce a stress response in neural stem cells. I delve into this story more in my Journal Club video, which you can watch by joining the NNR Facebook Group. 

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2. Researchers have uncovered the mechanism of action behind PMP1, a neurotoxin that selectively kills malaria-causing mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles.

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3. A praying mantis fitted with tiny 3D glasses has helped researchers understand how insect brain compute distance and direction. The findings could help improve vision in robots. 

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4. Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research that seems straight out of science fiction. A research team has created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds.

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5. Inflammatory markers may give information as to how people will recover for concussions, according to a study of high school football players.

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  Video of the Week

Talking Consciousness With Anil Seth at BNA 2019

At the British Neuroscience Association’s Festival of Neuroscience 2019, I interviewed the University of Sussex’s Anil Seth, whose research explores one of the last great mysteries of biology – what is consciousness?

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