Live updates: Donald Trump’s July 4th celebration

Live updates: Donald Trump's July 4th celebration

President Trump’s political allies received some of the VIP tickets to today’s Fourth of July spectacle on the National Mall, according to people familiar with the event.

While the public will be able to view the event from afar, the areas closest to Lincoln Memorial, where Trump will speak, are reserved for ticket holders.

The White House has declined to say how the tickets will be allocated, or even how many will be given out. An official said only that “VIPs, friends and family, and members of the military” are getting access to the cordoned-off area. 

But at least some of those with the special access appear to be Trump’s political boosters.

The “Salute to America” will occur on the National Mall rather than the White House, which is where presidents have celebrated the Fourth of July in the past.

Tickets required: The Secret Service said in a statement last week it was responsible for securing the area closest to the Lincoln Memorial during the event.

“Tickets are required for this event and individuals will be required to undergo an additional level of security screening to include magnetometers,” the agency said.

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