Google Chrome Is Simplifying Web Payments

Google Chrome Is Simplifying Web Payments

Google is introducing a change to the way your payment methods are handled by its Chrome browser. The new changes are meant to simplify web payments for everyone.

The main change here is that Google now lets you access your Google Account payment methods right from Chrome without having to have Chrome syncing enabled. That means if you haven’t turned on Chrome syncing for your Google Account, you will now be able to access the cards you have saved onto your Google Account. The feature only works for sites where Google Pay is accepted, though.

Like before, you will still be asked for a card’s CVC before you can actually grab the card’s details from your Google Account. For those wanting to add a new card, Google Pay will send them a confirmation email to add the new card to their Google Account.

None of this changes the way your payment methods were saved in the past, though — so you will continue to be able to store payment methods locally on your current device, without storing it on Google Pay, or without syncing it with your other devices. The new Google Pay integration is simply making things much easier for those with Google Pay.

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