Thunder Energies (TNRGD) Neutron Technology Cited for Confirming Einstein’s Objections to Quantum Mechanics


DENTON, Texas, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Thunder Energies Corporation (TNRGD) announces that its neutron technology has been cited in an international PR Newswire Release as confirming Einstein’s objections against quantum mechanics (

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Thunder Energies Chief Scientist, states: “Einstein, stated in 1935 that ‘quantum mechanics is not a complete theory’ because solely valid for point particles in empty space, thus implying the expected existence of a ‘completion’ of quantum mechanics for broader conditions. He communicated his view to his associates Podolsky and Rosen and they published in 1935 a historical paper known as the epr argument Thunder Energies Neutron Technology is based on a ‘completion’ of quantum mechanics kn for  extended and hyperdense particles in own as hadronic mechanics conditions of mutual penetration, as it is necessary for the compression of the electron inside the  proton to form the proton. Under these broader conditions the mathematics underlying quantum mechanics and, therefore, their physical laws, are inapplicable with ensuing ‘completions’ fully along Einstein’s historical view (

Thunder Energies has been founded by also keeping in mind the industrial confirmation of the epr argument (

Contact: Paul Knopick
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