Live: Following G20, Trump to visit the DMZ in hopes of meeting Kim

Live: Following G20, Trump to visit the DMZ in hopes of meeting Kim

In an ongoing press conference, US President Donald Trump spoke about his “chemistry” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who he will meet at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) later today.

He remarked that the Obama administration had tried to arrange a meeting with the North Korean leader, but that Kim had refused.

“For some reason we have a certain chemistry — or whatever. Let’s see what happens. We have a long way to go. But I’m in no rush… So, I just want to say that we are going to be heading out to the DMZ and it’s something I planned long ago but had the idea yesterday to maybe say hello, just shake hands quickly and say hello. Because we haven’t seen each other since Vietnam. We had a great meeting in Vietnam, people don’t realize it. It’s all part of the whole negotiation. But we actually had a great meeting in Vietnam, we had a great meeting in Singapore,” Trump said.

Responding to a question, Trump also hinted that another summit with Kim might be on the cards.

“A third North Korea-US Summit, and the timing of that, really, that would depend on what kind of change today’s encounter will bring about. But we have expectations for future development, obviously,” he said.

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