Biological Dentistry an All Natural And Holistic Dental Treatment

The advancement of dentistry in today’s technological era has provided them with nearly unlimited choices for dental health treatment. This may be a good thing but for the most part, it can also be a bad thing. Today’s mainstream dentists make use of mercury and fluoride to treat common dental diseases such as tooth decay. Studies have shown that these materials cause numerous complications in the body which includes multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and fluorosis of the teeth and the bones. These harmful effects have lead many people to find other means of treating their dental problems. Fortunately for them, biological dentistry exists.

This field of dentistry caters to people who want an all-natural, holistic treatment that can provide them safe interventions for their dental problems. In fact, biological dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, was first initiated in the year 1800s. It was then that the use of mercury was found out to cause toxic effects in the body. Mercury has been used for nearly 160 years as a dental filling alongside tin, silver and other metals. Although it is still widely used in many dental clinics, numerous countries have banned the use of mercury for dental amalgam. The knowledge of these harmful materials utilized in mainstream dentistry became the basis of holistic dentistry.

The appeal of this field of dentistry comes from the fact that they utilize virtually harmless and natural materials that do not cause adverse effects and complications. They continuously research for treatment that protects the patient’s overall health and not just the oral health. They focus on a preventive approach than a curative approach with state-of-the-art alternative interventions.

In addition, biological dentistry looks into the bigger picture in employing dental treatment and promoting dental health. Instead of just looking at the problem itself, these dentists look into the underlying factors that predispose the dental problem and address every single one of them. They counsel and encourage patients to decrease their intake of sweets and to enhance their dietary hygiene because if taken for granted, these factors will increase the likelihood of tooth decay and gum problems.

Biological dentistry helps you save money and time aside from offering you more treatment options that are safe, natural and healthy. No longer will you have to deal with the fear of side effects from dental treatment. This is a field of dentistry that ensures not only the health of your teeth but of your own body as well.

Source by Claire Geonzon