Are Corpus Luteum Cysts Dangerous?

You have been diagnosed with ovarian corpus luteum cysts. You have no idea of the cause; and you are concerned about your ability to conceive and have a baby in the future. Doctors are great with million dollar words. But, you have some basic questions:

What is a corpus luteum cyst?

During a normal reproductive cycle the ovaries actually develop a cyst-like sac that fills with fluid. With the increased production of estrogen and progesterone, the sac will burst and the egg will be released for potential fertilization. In some cases, the corpus luteum will seal again, instead of going away. The sealed cyst will then fill with more fluid.


Are corpus luteum cysts dangerous?

Generally, a woman will never know she has a corpus luteum cyst. It does not even hurt, and it will not prevent or harm a subsequent pregnancy. However, in the rare event the cyst does not resolve itself, the sac can become too large, twist, and cause abdominal pain sometimes accompanied by vomiting and fever.


Corpus luteum cysts can be dangerous if the symptoms go beyond abdominal pain and vomiting. If a luteum cyst bursts, it can cause internal bleeding. Then, it is extremely important to get prompt medical attention.


What are the treatment options?

Most of the time, corpus luteum cysts resolve themselves and treatments are not even necessary. However, if the cysts become too painful, grow too large and press against the bladder, or cause any other unpleasant symptoms that make daily life miserable, a woman has 3 choices:


1.       Hormone therapy


A doctor will likely suggest hormone therapy as the first line of defense. However, it means taking birth control pills, which can make pregnancy impossible and be a semi-permanent answer to a natural problem.


2.       Surgery


In the event the corpus luteum cysts grow too big and twist the ovary, a doctor may recommend the invasive approach of surgery. Rather than wait until the cyst bursts and causes additional health concerns, it might be necessary to remove the problem through laparoscopy or other procedure.


3.       Holistic therapy


Many women have chosen holistic treatment to resolve corpus luteum cysts and make sure the cysts do not painfully recur in the future. No synthetic hormones that prevent pregnancy are necessary; invasive and expensive surgery is not necessary; and there is no potential harm to the reproductive system.


So, if you have been diagnosed with a corpus luteum cyst, give holistic therapy a try before choosing a more drastic approach. The natural method of curing a natural problem is best – particularly since it will get rid of your cysts once and for all. Many women can testify to the positive results. Why subject your body to hormones or surgery, when you have the much safer and more effective alternative of holistic therapy?

Source by Val Wilson