Ways to Treat BV

To treat BV (bacterial vaginosis) there are two options. One is a natural or holistic approach and the other is a doctor or health clinic. Doctors will prescribe antibiotics, whether it be oral or topical. Now both of these methods have the same success rate, but most women prefer the oral or pill form of medication due to comfort issues.

There are however, quite a few problems with prescription antibiotics. The two main problems are the side effects and the chance of a recurrence of bv (63.4% to be exact). This doesn’t sound the best when a woman wants to treat BV, so the more successful method is becoming a natural home remedy. But before I talk about natural remedies and their benefits, I’m going to discuss a few side effects of prescription antibiotics used to treat BV.

Topical Ointment:

Weakens latex in condoms, resulting in possible failure of condom. A large majority of women have reported a yeast infection occurring after treatment.




Very unpleasant metallic taste in mouth (Most common with Metronidazole and Tinidazole).


Or instead of worrying about all the side effects or even the chance of a reccurence of BV, you can try a natural or home remedy to treat bv.

Did you know that your body can actually naturally fight off most minor infections on its own? Your immune system and naturally occurring good bacteria inside your body are responsibly for this. Lactobacilli and other organisms clean your vagina and keep it healthy. Problem is that many things we do today have a negative impact on these organisms, lowering their numbers. This leaves you open to infection. Natural is always better, especially when it comes to treating bacterial vaginosis.

Source by Alexis Bourdaine