Go for Homeopathic Treatment to Treat Pseudo Gout

Pseudo gout is a medical condition which is often mistaken for gout. The very similarity in the common symptoms is reflected in the name of the disease. However, the medical name of the disease is Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease. This is a type of arthritis and it is mainly caused by the buildup of calcium pyrophosphate dihhydrate crystals in the connective tissues of the body.

The common symptoms of the disease are quite similar to the symptoms of the gout. Acute joint pain, pain in the large joint areas, redness, swollen skin, swelling, warmness and extreme pain in slightest of touch are some of the common symptoms of the pseudo gout.

Pseudo gout has been around for ages just like the gout. This is the reason why many a treatment methods are tried by different experts to help managing the painful disease. If a patient is diagnosed with the problem of pseudo gout he must be treated under the expert medical practitioner. However, alternative medication or homeopathy can be given a try. Homeopathy has a holistic approach for all the diseases and pseudo gout is no difference. The best thing about the homeopathy is that it is safe, side effects free and can be used alongside the conventional treating methods. Here are some homeopathic medicines that offer pain management options.

Colchicum or Colch

This is one of the mostly used pain management medicine in homeopathy. For treating the gout and the pseudo gout the medicine can be used. When the skin becomes red and swollen with extreme skin tenderness then this is the right medicine for the condition. The acute pain and the shifting of the pain from joint to joint can be managed with the medication. When joint areas other than the big toes start to be affected by the pseudo gout then also this is the best medicine for managing the pain.

Ledum or Led

Ledum is good for the extreme swelling, soreness and redness of the affected areas. This can be used when the pain is incessantly getting worse. Bryonia can be used in such cases too. But it differs from Bryonia in some features. This is better suited for using in the hot swelling of the hip joints or other large joint areas. Ledum can be used after the overdose of the Colchicum. This can be the first remedy when the patient is given over doses of the Colchicum. Ledum is known as a cold remedy and chillness and lack of animal heat can be felt during the use of the medicine.

Ammonium phosphoricum

This can also be a useful medicine when there is acute pain in the joint areas. This can be effectively used to prevent the deposits of urate crystals in the body.

Rhododendron chrysanthum

Rhododendron chrysanthum can be used in the joints pain in the time of pseudo gout attack. When the condition gets worse with the crystal deposits the medicine can be used to reduce the pain.

These are the different types of homeopathic medicines that are used to prevent the development of the pseudo gout and also to relieve the pain during the pseudo gout attack.

Source by Vareck Watts