DisplayPort 2.0 supports 8K monitors

As with the most recent standard, version 2.0 functions over USB-C, as well as the standard DisplayPort connector. The new standard is capable of delivering a maximum payload of 77.37 Gbps, nearly triple the 25.92 Gbps that version 1.4 delivered. As a result, DisplayPort 2.0 is the first standard to support 8K resolution at 60 Hz refresh rate with full-color 4:4:4 resolution.

“DP 2.0 represents one of our most significant milestones in the history of DisplayPort, and is the culmination of several years’ effort and major enhancements to this ubiquitous standard,” said VESA Board Chair Alan Kobayashi. According to VESA, the first DisplayPort 2.0 products are expected to appear on the market by late 2020. With any luck, they’ll arrive before the Japanese Broadcasting Company broadcasts the 2020 Summer Olympics in 8K.

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