Verizon, AWS experience system outages, customers report

The Washington Post

A previous version of the story inaccurately cited another network experiencing disruptions. The story has since been updated.

Service disruptions hit Verizon and Cloudflare network users early Monday, affecting customers largely throughout the Northeast but also in other parts of the country.

Most of the reported Verizon Fios phone and Internet service outages were concentrated in Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Michigan.

In a tweet, Verizon Support said server issues also affected Reddit, the live-streaming platform Twitch and video gaming platform Discord.

Spokesman David Weissmann confirmed in an email that Verizon was aware of “an intermittent disruption in Internet service” and that engineers were working to resolve the issue. At 10 a.m., the systems were back online.

Cloudflare Chief Technology Officer John Graham-Cumming told the Washington Post that Verizon failed to intercept the issue from a fiber-optic network services provider. This caused a routing leak that led to the widespread system outage.

“Normally a large network would do some kind of filtering,” Graham-Cumming said. “But in this case, [Verizon] passed it on.”

Because of this, Verizon customers lost large chunks of internet access and passed on the faulty information to other networks like Cloudflare, Graham-Cumming said. This affected 10 percent of Cloudflare’s traffic.

Graham-Cumming added that Verizon still has not responded to the company’s outreach. Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince echoed this on Twitter.

Some users took to Twitter to express their frustrations. New Jersey Transit said its website was experiencing technical outages because of Verizon.

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