Top 3 Phobia's of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Phobia # 1 If I am taking Enbrel I will be susceptible to infectious diseases

Phobia # 2 If I am taking MTX, I stand a good chance of getting sick.

Phobia # 3 If I am taking prednisone my immune system will need and I'll be sick all the time.

Here is the first and most important aspect of any of these rheumatoid arthritis products. You can not get your hands on them without a doctor's approval (thank goodness). If and when you are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) your doctor will explain the facts of each drug, including its side effects and what to watch out for. He / she will inform you of your next visit and schedule regular checksups. They will be your best teacher so listen carefully to what they have to say.

The most frustrating aspect of rheumatoid arthritis is "how your body can actually start attacking itself". When the R & D companies figure this out, they are going to be very rich and billions of people WORLD WIDE will be extremely happy. Now, let's talk about the phobia's that are of great concern to all rheumatoid arthritis patients.

If you talk to rheumatoid arthritis patients you are going to get a zillion different answers that all boil down to 2 answers. Best wishes to you and I hope you have many arthritis pain free days.

  • Yes, I am susceptible to flu's and infections
  • No, I have not experienced more flu like symptoms or infections.

Just like anyone without rheumatoid arthritis, some people will be more susceptible and others will not. According to the drug manufacturers fine print, taking Enbrel, MTX or Prednisone can lower your immune system and if you find yourself with a cold, flu or infection you need to stop taking these drugs. Many new rheumatoid arthritis patients are so worried about that they take extreme caution beyond what a normal rheumatoid arthritis patient would take. I do not blame them and you should be concerned as well.

However, you have people in all walks of life; teachers, bus drivers, executives, doctors, lawyers, etc. who have rheumatoid arthritis and they are exposed all the time to people who are sick. Some catch that cold, others do not. Experience is your best teacher and you should be extremely cautious in the beginning and lighten up as time passes and you become more experienced.

Here are few things all rheumatoid arthritis patients can do to safe-guard themselves.

1. Wash their hands frequently

2. Carry Clorox or Germ X Wipes with you when you are away from home

3. Be careful of exposure to people who have cold, flu like symptoms

4. Wipe anything that your hands come into contact with-which could make you a germo-phobiac

What about the healing process of those who have rheumatoid arthritis?

Again, experience will tell you the truth and some people will take longer to heal and others will not. That can greatly depend on many factors including how you treat the wound or cut, do you use topical anti-bacterial creams and do you cover your wound up.

One rheumatoid arthritis patient told me that they visited a allergist and had some blood work done. Thankfully for this person, the blood work told the allergist they have a very strong immune system and they do not be too paranoid. Ask your doctor if they would recommend visiting an allergist to determine how strong their immune system is.

I'm thankful I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, however some of my family members do. They try very hard to lead a normal life and the one thing I am most proud of is:

They are determined not to let rheumatoid arthritis control their lives.

They came to grips with the fact they have rheumatoid arthritis and they have gone through the mind games, depression and such, but they all came out of it and are now controlling their attitude and that is probably what I am most proud of. They are taking control of their lives and deal with it as needed.

Source by Bob Alter