Sam Neill is the world’s proudest duck dad

Sam Neill is the world's proudest duck dad

Photo: Araya Diaz (Getty Images)

Sam Neill’s social media presence is one of the few truly uplifting places left on the internet. Amidst a landscape of angry tweets and bad jokes, the actor chooses to spend his time sharing updates on daily life from his New Zealand farm. In the past, he’s given us the story of rescuing pigs from a cliff, showcased a running collection of cool European staircases, and taken selfies with horses.

Now, Neill would like to show you the accomplishments of another of his barnyard pals: a duck named Charlie.

Neill, who says that Charlie has not flown in years, narrates the clip like a parent at their kid’s soccer game, overwhelmed with pride when his buddy overcomes whatever has kept him from flying for so long and flaps over to land beside him.

Later that day, he shared another update, telling the world that Charlie had flown for a second time that weekend and rewarding his feathered friend with a kiss on the head.

Charlie’s accomplishment—and Neill’s reaction—has been noted by others. Ryan Reynolds, speaking for so many of us, asks Neill if he’ll be his dad; Kevin Smith writes some Omen III: Final Conflict fan-fiction (as one does).

These celebrities are unimportant next to the heart of the matter, though: the moving relationship between a man and his duck. Even before his momentous flights, Neill has posted about Charlie before. Here, for example, is a video of the pair cuddling on the banks of a pond, catching up on what’s new in their lives.

In other tweets, Neill strolls with Charlie or simply states “Lord love a duck” to the camera as he spends some quality time with his pal.

Their relationship is something we should all aspire to. Neill and Charlie are great friends, celebrating milestones and the quiet beauty of daily life together. And yet, even as they demonstrate how birds of a feather must flock always together, Neill continues to make time for the rest of his gang.

Never stop posting, Sam.

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