Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier review: Personalised care

Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier review: Personalised care

Technology is making everything smarter. Be it an LED lamp, a wardrobe or a hair dryer – like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that we reviewed last year — every gadget is getting a brain of its own. The same technology is also personalising these gadgets. Up until now we have seen gizmos like headphones and music systems offering customisations that allow the user to fine-tune music as per their personal taste. Now you can, thanks to Dyson, can add an air-purifier to that list.

Dyson launched the Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier along with the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner (REVIEW) and the Dyson Lightcycle (REVIEW) last month. The device that costs Rs 25,900 went on sale in India in White and Silver and Black and Nickel colour variants last week. For those of you who are unsure, Pure Cool Me is a tiny bobble-headed air purifier that is meant for personal use.

Now that might seem a bit confusing. So let me clarify. Normally, air purifiers are big and somewhat bulky, placed inside a corner of a room and meant to purify the air inside a single room – say you bedroom or may be your dining area. But the Dyson Pure Cool Me is meant to be used by one person. It is somewhat like your laptop or your personal computer at your office – meant to be used by only you.

So, where would you use this personal air-purifier? In your study or near your workstation perhaps? The use cases aren’t many but it is ideal for those who a looking for a tiny air-purifier they can squeeze in anywhere.

Looks cute

Do you remember bobble-head figures? The tiny dolls that come with a big bouncy head? Well, the newly launched Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier looks somewhat like the bobble heads except it doesn’t have a big and bouncy head and it looks way classier than any air-purifier that you have ever seen. Credit for that goes to Dyson, which has history of designing products with futuristic design.

It has two parts. The head of the air purifier looks like a giant ball that has been sliced from the top. Inside the sliced part is a convex disc that slides up and down to help users adjust the direction of the airflow. This head also rotates a total of 70 degrees – 35 degrees on each side – allowing the device to project the purified air to a wider area.

The head of the air-purifier sits on top of small metallic cylinder that houses the filter system – consisting of a HEPA filter for combing out ultra-fine particles, dust and moulds and an activated carbon for filtering out gases, odours, fumes and VOCs – along with a motor inside. I am using the word filter system because unlike the Dyson Pure Hot Cool air purifier (REVIEW) or the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier (REVIEW) the filters come as a package, as one unit, and cannot be separated. There is also a tiny LCD screen at the bottom of the body that gives out information such as the fan speed and the filter life in an easy to understand manner.

Besides the air-purifier there is tiny magnetic remote that can be used to control the fan speed, set a timer, checking filter life and for controlling the rotation of the air purifier.

Amazing fan

Dyson is known for its out-of-the-world gadgets that besides being packaged in a stylish design are extremely efficient to work with. The Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier follows the lead of all Dyson air-purifier that have come before it. It looks great and it works even better.

The newly launched personal air purifier takes in the impure air from the surroundings from the cylindrical grille on which the head sits and it projects the purified air from its head. The direction of the airflow – as I mentioned before – can be adjusted using the convex disc inside the head that can be moved top-down physically to set the direction airflow in the right direction. You can also adjust the positioning of the head of the air-purifier by pressing on the rotation button on the tiny remote.

The Pure Cool Me promises to filter out 99.95 per cent pollutants. While the purification is great – thanks to the perfectly conditioned air it projects at you – it is the fan that astonishes me the most. For an air-purifier on the size of a giant vase, the Pure Cool Me comes with a fan that has a cooling effect, if of course it is placed on the right spot. Say you place it on your study table and turn up the fan to the maximum speed, you will experience a gentle gale steadily flowing towards you. To put it simply, the fan is so strong that besides the air purification, you can use the Pure Cool Me as a table fan.

Now the million-dollar question, what is working distance of this personal air-purifier? The answer is simple. You can use it at an arms’ length. This means that you can place it on your bedside or your study table or your workstation and get purified air right where you are.

Should you buy Dyson Pure Cool Me air?

Yes, if you don’t mind the cost. Most of us today have air-purifier in our homes. And so while the air that we get in our living rooms and bedrooms might be clean, the air in our study and even our workspaces may not be. If you are allergic to dust other fumes and odours and your life practically depends on air-purification systems (and anti-allergens) to keep you away from allergens then Dyson Pure Cool Me is ideal for you. It is small yet effective and best of all it comes at a fair price, which is unlike a lot of other Dyson product.

I just wish Dyson had added more on-board controls, like PM2.5, PM10 or just the AQI score, that would give us a bit information that they do now. But it makes sense for Dyson to cut out on some of those smart features as adding them would increase the price of the device and also defeat the purpose of having a personal air-purifier altogether.

Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier review8/10

Dyson Pure Cool Me


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