Culture Dogma – The Parallel Existence of Causal Continuation and the Cultural Continuum

The cultural continuum exists in parallel with the causal continuation of the world’s events. They are inseparable from each other. The culture of a nation is passed on to the following generations that are born to be a part of the causal continuation of a nation. It is an endless transaction between generations for as long as humanity exists. Even as values become different and as social behavior alters through time, the cultures which have the same root and origin. The phases of a cultural continuum can resemble as if different cultures inside the causal continuation of a nation. Some branches continue their exceeding through the barriers of mortality where the other vanish to be nothing more than a phase in history as the content of a culture has transformed so significantly.

But here comes the interesting part for the cultures that vanish. Values and beliefs are universal as they are knowledge and ideas. They are combined into a frame of values and beliefs that in combination produce the core of a culture. It is similar to how a painting uses the same colors, but produces a different form as the content of the painting is different compared to other paintings. It is similar with how an atomic structure produces in different combinations different entities. They are produced of entities that are universal, but which in unique combinations produce unique entities. And so, although the core of a culture vanishes, what produces them, universal values and beliefs, do not.

Another interest is the effects of a cultural continuum combined with the causal continuation in that what becomes as the past in the causal continuation remains forever as the course the reality has taken. There are no rewind buttons in the causal continuation. If there were, we could say goodbye to the second law of thermodynamics and so on. In effect of the existence of the cultural continuum, the present is different as it is the sum of the past. If the now gone cultural continuum has been left behind because of its errors, causing the formation of a new kind of cultural continuum, in effect of the erroneous, the new kind exists.

Inside the mass mind, similarly to how an idea that occupies the mind dominates and gives no room for other ideas, the mass mind can be occupied with cultures and nationalities. Humans are physiologically relatively the same and the cultural differences that are formed between other cultures are independent of race. Thus, cultures and nationalities can diminish the variation of the other possible cultures and nationalities that could exist, since the present that occupy the world dominate the mass mind. They direct the causal continuation too, thus influencing to the forms of the emerging future realities. They are the gateways of cause and effect, of whose sum produces the future of tomorrow. And they can diminish the potential forms of cultures as much as dogmatic religions.

Source by Henry M. Piironen