Conservatism Is the New Counter-Culture

When people say I have “values”, what are they talking about? “Values” are the principles in which we hold dear. Values are characteristics that we hold admirable in ourselves and others. When someone says they have “religious” values, it usually means that they have a more “conservative” or “traditional” view towards reality. Doing their best to abstain from alcohol, encourage men to be leaders of their families, abstain from homosexual behavior, act in a pious manner, etc… When someone says they are very “liberal” or have “liberal values”, it usually means that the opposite, that conservative values are not necessarily important or in some cases, even undesirable.

In recent history, especially in western nations,there is a rise in “non-belief”. Anarchism (no belief in government), MGTOW or Asexualism (No belief in romantic relationships), Atheism (No belief in god), Apolitical (No belief in any political ideology), Vegan (No belief in eating meat)… as time goes on, we are believing in fewer and fewer long held traditions. We are becoming a society of hedonists. “Anything goes so long as you aren’t murdering or stealing.” As a Libertarian, I actually share the sentiment to a certain degree. I don’t believe the government should regulate behaviors that do not cause direct victims. People should be free to make choices for themselves. I don’t think the government should lock people up for putting drugs in their body or engaging in transgenderism. People should have a free choice.

However, my problem comes when such behavior becomes endorsed as “positive”. We have reaches a tipping point between “acceptance” and “endorsement”. Just because I think all drugs should be decriminalized and treated as a health issue, doesn’t mean I endorse the behavior. Just because I don’t think transgendered people be discriminated against, doesn’t mean that I will encourage my son or daughter to get a sex change operation. Our western values of “open mindedness” and acceptance have been perverted into the endorsement of any and all behaviors.

We now have television shows endorsing the idea of same-sex parents raising a child, transgendered super-heroes whereas commercials and other media often portray straight males as being “idiotic” or “bumbling” idiots. A TV ad showing a woman kicking a man in the testicles will be seen as humorous, whereas a TV ad showing a man shoving a woman will be seen as “abuse”.

We live an age where “conservatism” is the new counter-culture. Being a conservative is “edgy”, “risque”, and “bold”. Even just 10 or 20 years ago, being a conservative was considered a normal affair, especially in southern states. Now, if you aren’t shouting “white privilege”, “Hashtag #metoo”, then people will consider you a “bigot” or racist.

Many people even consider band-aides to be racist these days because the skin tone of these products caters to white-Americans. Is it racist as a business owner to create a product that appeals to a larger economic demographic? Would it make economic sense to sell african-american hair-care products in an Asian country like China?

We live in a society where conservatives are just one accusation away from being obliterated in society. “Racist”, “Bigot”, “MeToo”, “Womanizer”.

While I agree that a society that is “too” conservative will become totalitarian and restrictive, I also agree that a society that is “too” liberal will also become totalitarian and restrictive. The extreme left and the extreme right are destroying our great nation. The paper-thin skinned liberals and the hateful prudes of the conservatives are giving the rest of us bad names!

We shouldn’t be so quick to belittle our traditions that have served humanity for thousands of years, yet we should also be sane enough to realize that certain aspects need to be a bit more relaxed. It appears that our society is having trouble finding that sweet middle-ground. Regardless, I never thought I’d see the day when it was considered rebellious to be “conservative”.

“If you are not a liberal at age 25, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative by the age of 35, you have no brain”. – Winston Churchill

Source by Randell Stroud