Teenagers break into Colorado Springs home

Teenagers break into Colorado Springs home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Four juveniles breaking into a home all caught on camera. Kurt Saleny exclusively shared his home surveillance video with 11 News.

It looks like teenagers broke one of the basement windows and jumped into the basement. One of the teens is seen roaming around the basement opening doors and checking cabinets.

The family says they just moved into the home in March and because of the recent criminal activity. They say the first break-in was in May. After that, the Saleny’s invested in at home surveillance.

Saleny tells 11 News, when the second break-in happened he was at work and watched the teens walk right into his backyard via live stream from his surveillance system.

“I knew exactly what was going on, they were wearing face masks, they had backpacks, they had their hoodies pulled up,” said Saleny “So, I mean, I knew and the amount of adrenaline, I was armed and you’re headed home for possibly a showdown. A gunfight.”

The homeowner says during the first break-in the juveniles got away with seven handguns. Saleny says he has nine total guns inside the home.

The second time the home was hit, the criminals took one of Saleny’s cars. When police found that car, it was vandalized.

The homeowners say the crimes have left them feeling uneasy.

“It’s such an incredible violation. It’s your house, it’s where you store your things, it’s your sanctity, it’s your safety, it’s your castle.”

Colorado Springs Police were notified of the crimes. They tell us two of the four teens were arrested. They are still looking for the other two.

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