Protecting Our Health: Balancing Conventional, With Alternative Approaches

Many years ago, I was intimately involved, in the alternative health, industry, and had the pleasure, and privilege, of being introduced to many of the giants, of that essential component of maintaining, safely our health. While nearly every civilized nation, other than the United States, uses a sane combination, of holistic/ alternative approaches, with conventional ones, this nation, predominantly, focuses, exclusively, on the latter. While I firmly believe, certain ailments, especially acute, and/ or life – threatening ones, require allopathic medicines, there are, far too many instances, where we over – use chemicals, when alternatives, might be a safer, wiser, approach, without some of the undesirable side – effects. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why it makes sense to use a holistic approach, in a well – considered, focused, wellness approach.

1. Acute ailments: These ailments are those, which come on, suddenly, and need immediate attention. For example, infections are often best addressed, with antibiotics, so, before things, get, out – of – hand, you address and eliminate potential challenges. However, while antibiotics, may be required, they often have side – effects, especially gastro – intestinal ones, because there are both, undesirable, as well as needed, so – called, germs, such as the bacteria, which lines, the flora, of the intestinal track, and stomach, etc. Therefore, many believe, using probiotics, when one takes antibiotics, is a logical approach. In addition, be careful to avoid becoming overly dependent on taking antibiotics, because, overuse, may reduce their effectiveness. Discuss the options and alternatives with your qualified, health professional, so you fully understanding the indications, contra – indications, and side – effects.

2. Life threatening: If you are diagnosed with a life – threatening disease, follow your doctor’s instructions, without delay. For example, cancer must be addressed in specific ways, but, make a well – considered decision, after understanding your treat options, as well as, the positives, and negatives, of each approach. However, for example, when one is given, radiation, and/ or chemotherapy, etc, understand, these often weaken your overall, immune system. so discuss, with your doctor, ways you might use a holistic approach, to combine conventional, with alternative approaches, to maximize your outcome, etc.

3. Other ailments: Beware of alternative treatments, such as homeopathy, herbal remedies, and other modalities. In most nations, when the ailment is not, life – threatening, the first approach, uses the safest remedies, which do not have undesirable side – effects. A wise consumer learns, as much as possible, in order to make, the best personal decision.

Open – your – mind, and consider a holistic approach, to wellness, and health. Are you willing to proceed, with an open – mind, in your own, best interests?

Source by Richard Brody