Here’s Each State’s Favorite Pixar Film, According to Google Trends

Here's Each State's Favorite Pixar Film, According to Google Trends

The house from Up, going up.
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The release of Toy Story 4 is here, which means it’s time to debate that age-old question: which Pixar movie is the best? (It’s The Incredibles.) Interestingly, that answer might vary depending on what state you live in.

According to some Google Trends-based data mining by Cable TV, the United States has fairly diverse opinions about what the best or most popular Pixar is. In a map, which you can find here, they run down what Google Trends considers the most popular movie in each state, based, presumably, on searches, data collected from your Google smart assistant that’s always listening, and various other sinister dystopian means.

It’s fascinating data. Allow me to offer some analysis:

  • Coming in at 17 states, Up is a clear frontrunner, though far from a straightforward majority. Interestingly, Up interest tends to be centered on the East Coast, with Up-mania taking most states that border the Atlantic. New Englanders really love to cry, I guess.
  • The two largest states in the Continental United States, California and Texas, are united in their sole fascinating with the first Incredibles movie. This is reasonable, as the second kind of sucked. I’m from Texas, originally, so this definitely tracks with my experience.
  • Wyoming is really fascinated with The Good Dinosaur, a movie I literally forgot existed.
  • And finally, I need to talk to Kentucky. Kentucky, hello, it’s me, Julie. According to this map, the highest trending Pixar movie in your state this year is Cars 3. Why? Kentucky, are you okay? Say “Lightning McQueen” if you’re in danger. Or else please explain your dark fascination with Cars 3 to me, because I do not get it.

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What’s your most-googled Pixar movie? Spend any time diving into the fan wiki that inevitably exists? Also, remember, we have a bracket. Feel free to argue in the comments.

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