Breaking with tradition, Israeli Chabad yeshivas ban summer jobs

Yeshiva students (stock)

Chabad yeshivas in Israel are banning young teenagers from working in summer camps, COLlive reported.

According to the report, the administrations of yeshivas for boys ages 14-17 – also known as “yeshiva ketana” or “mesivta” – told directors and head counselors of Chabad summer camps around the world not to hire their students.

“It is absolutely forbidden for managers of camps, day camps and the like to employ students studying in Yeshivos Ketanos (going up to shiurim Aleph, Beis or Gimmel),” a joint statement from the yeshivas read.

The ban applies to positions as counselor, teacher, kitchen staff, and technical staff, COLlive noted. The site added that most boys hired by these camps run the programs in exchange for little or no pay.

Exceptions may be made only in cases in which the yeshiva administration approves the summer position, reported. Staff will then examine the offer and determine if it deems the camp appropriate or not.

Instead, the yeshivas “recommend the special programs of Yeshivas Kayitz (summer yeshiva – ed.) in which the bochurim (young boys – ed.) receive a spiritual dose of interesting lessons, lectures and farbrengens (traditional gatherings – ed.) with the best of teachers, Mashpiim (spiritual counselors -ed.) and Shluchim (emissaries – ed.), along with various activities for the health of the body and for rest.”

COLlive added that Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in the central city of Elad took a stricter stance, telling parents “to make sure that your son does not take part in these camps in any position.”

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