Love Island’s Yewande infuriates viewers who want her out for ‘breaking major rule’

Love Island's Yewande infuriates viewers who want her out for 'breaking major rule'

Just days after a surprise double eviction culled the numbers of castmates, Love Island viewers already know who they want out next.

Yewande Biala has been having a tough old time of it after stunning underwear model Arabella Chi strutted into the villa in her tiny gold bikini and wedges and turned the head of Danny Williams.

Feeling under threat, Yewande, 24, struggled even more to open up to Danny about her own feelings for him.

Things took a turn for the worst as Danny, 21, and Arabella, 28, immediately hit it off on their date as they bonded over mutual interests of going to the gym and looking good professionally.

Love Island fans are calling for Yewande to face the chop

Danny had no problem getting to know Arabella

The bikini model and Danny got along famously on their date

While Danny and Arabella seemed like a match made in reality TV heaven, Yewande continued to struggle to flirt, want to find love or open up about her feelings – three rather important requisites of the show.

But rather than feel sorry for the Irish scientist, fans were calling for her to be axed from the villa.

“Someone get Yewande out of that house before I do it myself ,” cried one.

“I haven’t even finished the episode but please get Yewande out of here … every time she speaks I am infuriated! How could you push the boy away and then act like he was in the wrong?!?” asked another.

“Yewande is actually grating on me. Hope she is out next.”

Another was slightly more sympathetic: “Yewande seems like a perfectly nice and normal person, which is why she doesn’t belong on reality tv. She either needs to play the game or get out of the villa.”

Even Danny himself told her: “Don’t come to Love Island if you don’t want to be loved.”

Yewande tried to flirt with Danny

Maura Higgins urged Danny to ‘wake up’ and ditch Yewande

After some lessons from the girls on the art of seduction, Yewande finally took Danny to one side on Thursday’s episode and told him she fancied him.

The pair then went on to share their second kiss in front of cheering castmates.

However, it seems as though Yewande’s joy will be short-lived as new girl Arabella is set to come between her and Danny once again.

Love Island’s Arabella and Danny look set to crack on

In a teaser clip, Arabella asks: “Obviously you know she has completely changed her tune, how does that make you feel?”

Danny replies: “I’m not getting fooled by it just yet.”

“Surely the chemistry should have been there from day one, no?’ Arabella teases.

“What like it is with me and you?’ laughed Danny.

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