Enema or Colonic – The Better Option for Bowel Troubles

Nothing can be more painful and frustrating than encountering an imbalance in the bowel function. People rush to the doctors and clinicians to get rid of this unpleasant encounter. However, in the process of choosing the best hydrotherapy for ensuring a healthy bowel function; most of the people get confused between the two remedies that are colonic and enema. Here are some of the facts regarding both these treatments so that you can choose the most efficient alternative.

The treatment of both colonics and enema share a common aim of cleansing the colon by infusing water through the rectum channel. At the initial stage, the clinicians and therapists get to know their problems through several sessions of health counselling. Evidently, the principle of the methods of treatment seems to be same that is to stimulate the colon for flushing down contaminated waste through the rectum channel. Although apparently, both the treatments seem quite similar to each other, some fundamental differences exist between these two methods.

Difference in the procedure

The enema therapy demands the patients to hold up almost a litre of water within their colon for approximately half an hour until the clinicians feel it is the right time to flush off the water through the rectum. It may seem that the duration of the treatment is too small, but it becomes quite difficult for the patients for holding the water within them for so long. It requires a lot of self-administration and control from the person’s end who is opting for the treatment.

On the other hand, the treatments for colonics are comparatively soothing and relaxing for the patients. In this process, the clinicians attach a large tube to the rectum of the patients that is again connected to a large container. The continuous water flow through the tube helps in flushing the colon, pass it through another tube and store that waste in the container.

Benefit of water flowing through the colon

Colon hydrotherapy is surely an effective alternative as the method implied to wash the colon is much more scientific when compared to the enema. The continuous flow of water through the colon creates a pressure that helps in easy cleaning. Moreover, where in the case of enema, the quantity of water should only be about one litre, in the case of colonics; the clinicians can infuse 20-40 litres of water within the colon. The constant pressure lets the water to run through delicate curves of the colon and clean those parts as well.

According to the experts, the water flow can be considered as a great exercise for the colon as it helps the colon to relax and the torn muscle tissues get fixed. Unlike the enema, the therapist takes the responsibility of monitoring the entire procedure of colonics, making it convenient and comfortable for the patients.

Bottom line

Several people opt for the enema, discarding the colonic treatment as they can do it with a DIY kit, sitting at home. However, if anything goes wrong, it can cause you more danger. Therefore, following the scientific approach of the latter will prove to be much beneficial and convenient for you.

Source by Natasha Unger Nandi