Microsoft’s cheaper 15-inch Surface Book 2

It’s like a Surface Go for kids.Kano unveils its first build-it-yourself Windows 10 computer

Kano is graduating from Raspberry Pi boards. The company has announced a partnership with Microsoft, unveiling its first build-it-yourself computer that officially runs Windows 10. The Kano PC may look similar to its ‘complete’ Computer Kit Touch. All of the components, however, are different. The new machine has an 11.6-inch touchscreen, 1.44 GHz, quad core Intel Atom processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It comes with a keyboard cover which looks much better than the plastic keyboard that shipped with previous Kano computers. When it all comes together, the Kano PC looks like a kid-proof Surface Go.

That’s $500 less.Microsoft is selling a cheaper 15-inch Surface Book 2 for $1,999

Because a Surface Go For Kids is for… kids, perhaps this more humbly specced Surface Book 2 is for you. This $1,999 version has 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It includes a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor, which is a step back from the more expensive Core i7 configuration. And, like the other Core i5 Surface Book 2 models, it has Intel’s integrated graphics, rather than a dedicated GPU

Save your money for something nicer.Review: Amazon Fire 7 (2019) tablet

The Fire 7 is the most affordable tablet in Amazon’s lineup but, unfortunately, you get what you pay for. While it has hands-free Alexa and more storage than earlier models, performance is dismal, the display is lackluster and the battery life barely lasts a whole day. We think you would be much better off saving a few extra dollars and getting the Fire HD 8.

Juul is in the crosshairs of city supervisors.San Francisco set to become first US city to ban e-cigarettes

San Francisco might be the first US city to ban sales of e-cigarettes, as well as halting the manufacturing and distribution of them on city property. In a preliminary vote, city supervisors unanimously approved a ban on e-cigarettes. The ban could have a big impact on Juul, perhaps the best-known e-cigarette brand. Its headquarters are in the city’s port, and it has already butted heads with officials several times.

You can watch our show in 4K on YouTube.Upscaled: Why your Avengers UHD Blu-rays aren’t actually 4K

An open secret of the film industry is that almost no film is really produced in true 4K. Even for movies and shows shot with 6K or 8K cinema cameras, nearly every finished film was edited at standard HD resolution, and then artificially enlarged to 4K. With all the buzz around high-res footage, why do filmmakers work this way, and should you even bother with 4K content? Chris Schodt explains.

But only for certain 9th generation Core CPUs.Intel’s Performance Maximizer tool overclocks CPUs with one click

Intel has launched a new feature designed to make overclocking more straightforward. Called the Intel Performance Maximizer, the tool examines your processor’s individual settings, then uses what Intel calls “hyper-intelligent automation” to tweak them for a performance boost. No dry ice required.

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