Logan County 911 gets new technology

Logan County 911 gets new technology

LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Logan county showed off their brand new 911 system on Wednesday, it’s the first of its kind in West Virginia.

Their 911 center is now using smart technology by “Carbyne” to better their response time and keep residents safe.

“Especially with summer time and people out on these trails and stuff it is going to be a very valuable tool for us,” Says Amanda Thomas, a 911 dispatcher in Logan.

The system will essentially be able to track your exact location by sending you a link to open. this can come in handy especially in the mountain state where four-wheeling, hiking and camping are so popular.

“Sometimes we will be a mile or two off in trying to triangulate where that is…. which is going to save lives because it is going to allow us to get to them much sooner,” says Roger Bryant, Director of Logan County Office of Emergency Management.

Callers can also enable video streams so dispatch can see exactly what is going on. Lastly, the system allows for dispatchers to instant message callers when the situation isn’t safe to talk on the phone or maybe the caller is deaf or hard of hearing.

“If someone was to report a domestic violence incident that they’re not involved in, to keep them safe we can make it so they are not talking but we can still hear the background and they can chat with the caller,” says Chad Labree, a Carbyne public safety expert.

Because this new system depends on cell phone service, officials hope it will help the push for expanding rural broadband.

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