The Suburb of Powai Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

There is always a very high demand for flats with a fresh environment, good air quality, affordable as well as premium properties for the residents. Very few places in Mumbai offer such a beautiful picture, but one such place that has all the makings of a perfect suburb in Mumbai is Powai. The buildings in Powai have a Roman feel to it, which makes it very beautiful and unique as compared to other buildings in the city. As everyone knows Mumbai is a highly congested city with the hustle and bustle of everyday traffic. But that is not the case in Powai, this suburb is very well planned with regards to its buildings, shops, etc.

Powai has always been in the spotlight of the real estate sector because of its close proximity to both, the Eastern and Western Express Highway and also its proxies to the airport. There are a large number of commercial projects that are happening in the heart of Powai. With over 150+ offices in Mumbai and multinationals moving in, Powai definitely has a very promising future.

People have witnessed a major increase in demand for flats in Powai due to the Hiranandani Gardens which is a residential township. It also offers a number of luxury hotels, mega stores and several commercial establishments like CRISIL, Deloitte Larsen and Toubro located around it. Powai is host to some of the highly recognized educational institutions in the whole of Mumbai. IIT Powai is one of them, which is known world-wide.

The dense skyscrapers in Powai give you a very scenic view of the night life of Mumbai city. When you buy a flat in Powai you feel like you are in heaven, this due to its large and spacious rooms which also come with modern amenities such as increased parking space for visitors, indoor gymnasium, swimming pool and recreational center for kids.

Your kids can now indulge in sports and other recreational activities like an astro-turf where all you parents can send your kids to play a bit of football. This suburb also has paintball and Go-Karting track in the area. So if you want to let off some steam or just chill with friends these are the places you can always go to. The presence of such activities has led to major increase in the residential property of Mumbai.

One major reason why there has been a steep rise in the residential property in Mumbai is the nightlife in Powai. Powai has been, is and will always be one of the most prestigious addresses in Mumbai.

Source by Madi Shah