Tel Aviv Jaffa – A Beautiful City

Tel Aviv Jaffa is one of the most happening cities in the world. Once you visit this city with your family, you will never face a boring moment. It can offer everything to the tourist from an exotic nightlife to mouthwatering cuisines. It is easy to catch a tel aviv jaffa flight since el al runs flights to this city. Once you land on the Ben Gurion International Airport, you can enter the city by boarding a taxi from this airport or by taking a train. This airport has a mall too to enable first class shopping for tourists.

Since Tel Aviv is the center of the nightlife in this country, what the tourists can expect is visits to the richest collection of nightclubs. On fact, these clubs have seen growth of singers who now have international music careers. No action happens at these Tel Aviv Jaffa night life places before its 12 pm in the night. Apart from that, the disco music is played brilliantly here. Even the five star hotels like Sheraton and Ramada in this city offer tourists the pleasure of enjoying themselves with pianists and singers. This city also has excellent night hangouts for gay people. In fact, this city hosts the gay pride parade of the Middle Eastern countries. Independence Park located near Ha-Yarkon Street is a great meeting point for gay people. Apart from enjoying yourself in nightclubs, people can also enjoy through walking and observing other people in this city. Such walking activities can be done easily on the Herbert Samuel Esplanade-Ha-Tayelet and Dizengoff Street. The latter place is packed with crowds on weekdays and on Saturday when film shows happen here, this place is jampacked. Cafes are also located on the sidewalks. So, one can enjoy film shows with coffee ice cream sodas.

You should not also miss out on tel aviv jaffa shopping while you are in this city. It can make sure that you can lay hands on the most authentic souvenirs to goods belonging to the best designers.

The tourists can get something real on Allenby Street, which is a hub of bookstores, kiosks, bakeries and clothing stores. However, if one desires to shop in malls, then Opera Tower, which is located nearby to Allenby Street, should not be missed. It has galleries, cafes and shops that sell fashionable clothing of our times. Some of the cafes of this place are open for wee hours in the evening too.

One of the best ways to enjoy is to take some art souvenirs from Gordon Street. It has the most bizarre art galleries. In fact, visitors can also get some great art stuff from Rothschild Boulevard, which also has an eclectic collection of restaurants. However, you will have to visit these art galleries in the timings between 10 am to 8 pm. So, visit this country, which offers you an excellent combination of the old and modern. It is the ideal way to have a beautiful vacation, the memories of which will last for a time. Tel Aviv due to its rich culture will be in your hearts forever.

Source by Mainka Kaushal