Dublin deploys unique technology to improve pavement quality on roads | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

Dublin deploys unique technology to improve pavement quality on roads

DUBLIN, Ohio — Just about everywhere, improvements to roadways are important to the residents who drive on them regularly.

Residents in the City of Dublin may notice a different kind of tool being used on their roads this month.

The tool, provided by Resource International, is being used to test pavement condition and thickness ahead of street repairs.

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An orange tip on the front of the truck shoots radars into the asphalt to determine density, while the machine in the back tests the actual strength of the pavement.

Starting in 2015, city leaders tell 10TV that the method has benefited residents in more ways than road repairs alone.

“We’re using, you know, cutting edge technology for the City of Dublin,” said Robert Taylor, an infrastructure asset management engineer for Dublin. “This is something that’s not common for municipalities to do, so we’re spending a little bit of money up front to ultimately save a lot of money down the road.”

Before using this technology, Taylor said the city would physically look at the pavement and determine the best guess of what type of treatment it would need based on the number of cracks and the distresses in the asphalt.

The assessments performed by these trucks are more precise and allow city crews to determine an optimal design for the roads.

Taylor told 10TV the city is testing about 19 miles of pavement this year ahead of planned resurfacing in 2020.

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