Nightlife From Coorg Tourism

Nightlife in Coorg is quite small scale, basically consisting of a number of small bars and restaurants. There are quite a few nice fine-dining restaurants to go to at night for a couple of drinks and a nice dinner. Coorg Tourism does not offer hardcore partying or a loud nightlife. Coorg is well known for its scenic beauty and greenery.

Hive Bar:-

The Hive Bar is located inside the Vivanta by Taj hotel, and is one of the only exotic bars offered by Coorg Tourism. It tops the list when we talk about nightlife in Coorg. The bar has an electric style and designer décor. The interiors of the bar are of modern style and this gives a high-end experience to its customers. The Hive Bar adds an exotic and rich style to Coorg Tourism. The customers can enjoy the wide range of world music playing in the bar with a floral surrounding to add to it. The bar has a wide variety when it comes to cocktails. The most famous of which are the ‘Chilli-Chilli-Tini’, ‘Jappletini’, and the ‘Coorg Coffee Martini’. These unique cocktails along with the ambience make an exciting nightlife in Coorg for the tourists.

The Falls:-

The Falls is one of the well known restaurants in Coorg located in the Tamara Coorg Hotel. Tourists looking for an enjoyable nightlife in Coorg generally tend to go The Falls for an unforgettable dinner. The food served in this restaurant is highly rated making it one of the big attractions of Coorg Tourism. The beautiful greenery of Coorg surrounds it. The beautiful waterfall near the restaurant along with the architecture gives an outdoor feel to the restaurant. It is a multi cuisine restaurant with stylish interiors. They serve Continental, Oriental and Indian cuisines. The Falls is one of the highly recommended options in Coorg for tourists to enjoy their nightlife.


Due to the lack of discos, pubs and bars in Coorg, the nightlife of Coorg revolves mostly around popular and great restaurants. Caravan is one of the popular restaurants in Coorg with splendid food and great ambience, providing an enjoyable experience to its customers. Caravan makes up for the lack of pubs offered by Coorg Tourism and helps the tourist to have an enjoyable nightlife with a great dinner. The restaurant has an impressive ambience, and is located right in the heart of Coorg. It is a multi cuisine restaurant serving food that makes you want to come back to the restaurant. The famous dishes of the restaurant are Chicken Satay, Murg Masallam, Spicy Dicy Chicken and Oriental Vegetables in butter garlic sauce along with steamed rice or noodles.

Campfire at Beelur Golf Club:-

This is a significant attraction of Coorg Tourism and is one of the best options when it comes to nightlife in Coorg. The Beelur Golf Club is one of the first golf clubs of Karnataka and is a popular place to visit in Coorg. Both, locals and tourists enjoy a lovely bonfire here at night and have a party around it. It is an amazing experience for tourists as it gives them a chance to party in a different way than anywhere else.

Source by Ravinder Malik