Fortaleza Bar and Club Nightlife Hot Spots

More and more people are discovering just how amazing Fortaleza Brazil’s nightlife can be. Although the destination has only recently become a popular tourist destination, the city is quickly becoming a haven for visitors from all over the world.

Although the beaches are what draws people to Fortaleza it is the nightlife that captivates them and has them coming back year after year for another taste. Someone visiting Fortaleza for the first time may be overwhelmed with the choices so I have taken the time to compile the very best of Fortaleza nightlife into one concise spot.

Every night in Fortaleza there is something fun and exciting to do. It all begin on Monday when 99% of the tourists and locals head to ‘Forró do Pirata’ The place is only opened Mondays but it will be filled to the brim with people with people dancing the forro, Brazil’s Northeast’s most popular dance. There is a R$15 entrance fee that more than pays for itself in atmosphere. The place rocks late into the night, and at 4am they serve their special “Survivor Soup” to all who remain.

On Tuesday nights a great place to hit up is Pagliuca Café a bar/pub location where the lights are turned out and bar fired up. You’ll usually a find more a local crowd there, but they are always warmed up to meeting foreigners.

Wednesday you might want to check out the Pontal de Iracema at no. 680 and the Cais Bar at no. 696, these are extremely trendy nightspots where you have to arrive early to get a seat. These places offer a great blend of eating drinking and live music.

If you get sick of the usual nightspots in Fortaleza head to Praia do Futuro on a Thursday night and you will think you are in Ibiza or the Greek Islands for a while. Beautiful spot and excellent house music once a week. For a different feel try to get there by day for an very different “barraca de praia” experience. Think Bora Bora in Brasil!

Maricupe is the place to be on Friday night. This place is absolutely huge with 5 or 6 different room, each with a distinct style of music blasting through the speakers. This place is usually filled with the upper class locals and you’re more likely to meet people that speak a little Engish.

If you’re in the mood to hear some great rock music that Orbito is the place to be Saturday night. The place is set up like a giant garage. The bands will most likely be playing lots of covers of your favorite songs. The crowd hear is usually a younger crowd looking to rock out.

Sunday night I would check out the bars and clubs at Draggo do Mar. These places are a little seedier and are filled with many “working girls” but the atmosphere is quite surreal and something you have to experience at least once in Fortaleza. This small strip of bars includes Cafe’ del Mar, Europa, Bikini Bar, Titanic, and Alo Brazil. These places don’t get good to well after 11pm.

There are many other bars and clubs in Fortaleza that are worth checking out, but this is a good guideline for your first week there. Don’t miss out on the amazing Fortaleza nightlife

Source by Bobby Rio