Can Kuching Nightlife Guarantee You a Fun Time All Night Long?

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is known for its laid-back atmosphere. However, you would be surprised to known that there is a fun nightlife in Kuching that you can experience by visiting the various exciting clubs and bars in Kuching. You’ll never expect to experience a vibrant yet friendly nightlife in Kuching. So, when the sun goes down in Kuching, the wonderful capital of Sarawak, you’ll have enough choices of Kuching clubs and Kuching bars for you to sample as part of the diverse nightlife in Kuching.

The first place that you should check out for a sample of the Kuching club scene and experience the typical nightlife in Kuching is the Travillion Mall in Jalan Petanak. This mall is home to a wide variety of Kuching clubs and bars. One of the biggest clubs in Travillion Mall is the Paragon Dance Club. This Kuching club is popular with the early 20s crowd and those who are young at heart. This Kuching club plays the latest dance music and hit anthems. If you’re looking to let loose and go wild, Paragon Dance Club is certainly the place for you to be in with its spacious dance floor, glittering lights and loud pumping bass music.

If you feel too old to be hanging around with 20-year old kids, BarZing, which is also in Travillion Mall, caters to the more mature crowd with its deep house music and stylistic interior décor. The patrons here are dressed up to impress. It is undoubtedly one of the classiest establishments in Travillion Mall. With its great music and good DJ, BarZing is definitely the club in Kuching that you should not miss out going to.

Nearer to downtown, there are several popular clubs and bars that you would find Kuching residents would go to chill. The Shore Pub and Bistro in Jalan Abell comes into mind. With its relaxed atmosphere is one of the best Kuching bars for you to just sit back and relax while having a nice cool drink. This Kuching bar offers a good selection of drinks and cocktails for you to choose from. For footballs fan out there, you’ll be happy to know that there are a couple of TV screens inside this Kuching bar showing the latest match. The eclectic music selection ranges from jazz to hip-hop. This place is also not too loud for you to sit and talk with your friends.

Across the street in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman lies the Curve. This Kuching bar has ample seating outdoors for you to enjoy a nice drink while watching people walking by. The Curve has a regular live music performance to entertain you while you’re drinking and relaxing in its nice warm atmosphere. The staff service here is widely acclaimed by patrons as being friendly and excellent, which is another great reason to come here.

Do you fancy a real upmarket environment? The Senso bar and lounge within the Hilton Hotel near the Kuching Waterfront is a classy place for you to enjoy the selections of special cocktails on offer. The beautiful decorations and exclusive ambiance will really make you feel pampered while listening to the wonderful live bands from Philippines or West Malaysia performing all week long. Although somewhat on the high end of the price, it is worth checking out.

These places are just but a few delightful samples of the often-overlooked nightlife in Kuching. Why don’t you explore Kuching at night and discover many more of the Kuching clubs and Kuching bars that will guarantee you a fun experience that you’ll remember long after you leave Kuching.

Source by Richard Hii