5 Reasons To Tour Macau


Macau is synonymous with casinos and the bustling night life, and the people are given several enticing opportunities to gamble with the odds. For some, the gaming revenue of Macau can easily defeat Las Vegas – for it has quickly become the world’s most lucrative gambling industry and attracts people from all spheres of life and all over the world to roll the dice and play the game. The Venetian, the world’s largest casino, with approximately 550 tables and more than 2,000 slot machines presents one such chance for those who love to take a risk and experiment – of course, with some money in their pockets.


Macau can well be called, Asia’s best-kept culinary mystery because while it may be famous for its casinos and vibrant night clubs, it also present a variety of fine dining options and delectable street food that truly highlights some of the best that Macau has to offer. Michelin star restaurants line the streets for those with a taste for the finer things in life such as acclaimed chef Guillaume Galliot’s Tasting Room at the City of Dreams.

Many people from all over the world travel the short distance from Hong Kong to Macau to try out the famed Portuguese bread and Portuguese custard tarts called Natas. Don’t you wish you had some KrisFlyer airline miles at your disposal? Or are you thinking that maybe you should buy KrisFlyer miles now? Portuguese cuisine occupies a huge space in Macau culture and tradition, and thus many Portuguese dishes are readily available in restaurants and hotels.


Macau houses some world class spas which are a treat for customers because of the indulgent treatment, relaxation and the many options to choose from. Isala at City of Dreams is one such option with their soothing massages and fruit body scrubs. The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa at the Galaxy Macau ranks high for the amazing interior-the bamboo-and-water-filled inner courtyard is the perfect remedy to the frenzied environment of the casino.


If we walk away from the glittering lights of the night clubs, we would find that Macau has a rich, 400-year-old cultural heritage. Traditions customs are celebrated with great pomp and show – Chinese New Year is celebrated with great fervor, enthusiastic parades which have paper dragons and drummers while the Macau International Dragon Boat Festival transforms into an exciting sporting event.


Macau may be famous for entertainment scene but that is clearly not all – the islands of Taipa and Coloane offer a blissful, much needed escape from the fast paced life of the city. Palm tree beaches, quiet and rustic villages and hiking trails, visitors can truly unwind or enjoy the leisurely pursuits of golf, swimming, and fishing.

On the striking island of Coloane, visitors and tourists will discover breathtaking scenery, natural valleys and an extensive web of trails with maps readily available at the trail heads

Source by Douglas H Wise