5 Alabamians accused of health care fraud in Tennessee

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Five people from Alabama are accused of providing false residency information to enroll in a Tennessee health care program, authorities said.

The five suspects are charged in separate indictments with theft of services and TennCare fraud, according to the Office of Inspector General in Nashville.

TennCare is the Medicaid program in Tennessee, providing health care to low-income people.

Inspector General Kim Harmon’s office said the five Alabamians are accused of falsely claiming they and their children lived in Tennessee. Disclosing that they lived in Alabama would disqualify them from enrolling in TennCare.

“Providing false information in order to personally gain TennCare benefits is a crime,” Harmon said in a press release.

The following Alabama parents were indicted:

  • Bradley Parker, 45
  • Amber Parrish, 23
  • Robin Miller, 31
  • Cassandra Henry, 29
  • Jacqueline Shrum, 32

The parents are all from Bridgeport, a tiny city in Jackson County, Alabama, just a few miles south of the Tennessee state line. If convicted, each faces up to four years in prison.

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