Walking with warriors to spread mental health awareness

Walking with warriors to spread mental health awareness

ONALASKA, Wis. (WXOW) – Over 800 people gathered at the American Legion during Onalaska Community Days to spread awareness about mental health.

The Warrior Walk is hosted by the YMCA Veteran Community and is a 2.2 mile trek to shed light on veterans who have taken their own lives. That 2.2 mile distance symbolizes the 22 veterans that die from suicide each day in our country.

“So the biggest thing that we’re trying to accomplish is to try to bring awareness to different mental health needs in the community and we’re kinda highlighting the veterans mental health needs, but as well as anyone who is suffering from mental health,” YMCA Wellness Director Christopher Matt said. “Making it more normal for people to talk about people that have needs or if you do have needs to know that there’s resources out there for you.”

Health professionals were available in bright green for support and the event also featured several fired shots in honor of warriors who are no longer with us.

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