Trump’s ‘secret’ agreement with Mexico revealed

Trump's 'secret' agreement with Mexico revealed

President Trump teased the media this week when he dangled a one-page document he said contained a “secret” deal with Mexico in front of journalists. Now that document has been released in full.

The document is written in the conditional tense and references “the Joint Declaration of the Governments of the United States and Mexico of June, 7, 2019.”

It says the two countries agree to begin discussions to “establish definitive terms for a binding bilateral agreement to further address burden-sharing and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee status claims of migrants.”

“If the United States determines, at its discretion and after consultation with Mexico, after 45 calendar days from the date of the issuance of the Joint Declaration, that the measures adopted by the Government of Mexico pursuant to the Joint Declaration have not sufficiently achieved results in addressing the flow of migrants to the southern border of the United States, the Government of Mexico will take all necessary steps under domestic law to bring the agreement into force with a view to ensuring that the agreement will enter into force within 45 days,” the document reads.

Mexico released the full text of the page on Friday, three days after Trump first showed off the paper.

“You would freeze-action it, you would stop it, you would analyze it,” Trump taunted reporters as he left the White House for a trip to Iowa. “I’m going to let Mexico do the announcement at the right time.”

Journalists snapped photos of the document illuminated by the sunlight and some of the words were able to be made out.

Earlier this month, Trump threatened a 5% tariff against Mexico if it didn’t reduce migrant crossings. The tariff was averted after negotiations between the two parties in Washington.

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