T.S.A introduces new technology

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NBC – The T-S-A performs a crucial service for all Americans by helping to keep our skies safe, and they’re always looking for ways to improve their methods.

A venture capital-backed company started by Stanford university business student Ian Cinnamon, produced software to make traditional x-ray machines “smarter” by incorporating artificial intelligence also known as A-I into the scanners.

“The beautiful thing about artificial intelligence is it’s modeled after the human brain” says Cinnamon who is also the president of the Synapse Technology Corporation.

Cinnamon says an x-ray machine outfitted with a-i to catch threats has advantages over human operators. ” The difference though is the A.I. algorithms they don’t get tired they don’t fatigue, and they don’t have any biases, and they continue to learn time and time again.”

Since last fall, the TSA has been using synapse technology in a demonstration at silicon valley’s San Jose international airport as part of its innovation task force.

When asked about whether the technology takes away human jobs, Cinnamon says it actually does the opposite. He says it frees up security officers to perform higher level tasks like interacting with people to preempt threats.



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