Catching the next wave of technology

Catching the next wave of technology

My first day of college more than two decades ago, I was told by a professor that we needed an email address for his class.

A simple country boy, I’d never heard of email and turned to a girl next to me and asked: “Do I go to the post office for that?”

Richard Greene

A half dozen email addresses later, I’m still not on the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs wave of technology but feel like I’m making some progress. And the Messenger is, too.

This weekend we are debuting our new website at

We all know that technology moves at the speed of light. Just trying to keep up with the latest iPhone is a near impossible task. I’m at least one or two generations behind.

But we’ve learned, especially while trying to balance a few dozen other spinning plates at one time, building a new website does not move at the same speed of technology. We have been using the same website for more than a decade.

In the past three years, our resident webmaster, IT guy, graphic designer and many other tasks-as-assigned guy, Todd Griffith, has been working in his spare time, which doesn’t truly exist, to build a new site.

This weekend, with a little extra outside help, the fruits of all that labor will go live.

The new home page will feature subtle changes. But our daily feature, Update, will still be front and center, along with breaking news.

As Griffith explains, the navigation menu has been cleaned up to help readers find individual topics.

We know our readers enjoy the Messenger on many different platforms from paper to their phone. Because of this, the new site will be mobile friendly with a responsive layout to make it easier to read on phones and tablets.

We are also making it easier to get the full version of the Messenger in your hands. You will be able to instantly renew your subscription or take out a new one on our site. You will also be able to buy individual, full e-editions on the site.

We expect the changes this weekend to go off without a hitch, but do beg for some patience during the transition.

Now, back to making use of all these technology advancements and watching cat videos.

Richard Greene is the editor of the Messenger and will never be confused with being our resident IT guru.

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