Andy Beshear talks health care, drug epidemic, jobs at Murray State

Andy Beshear talks health care, drug epidemic, jobs at Murray State

MURRAY, KY — Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, who is the Democratic nominee for governor, talked about his plans for the state — and for west Kentucky in particular — during a speech Friday night at Murray State University.

Beshear spoke at the annual Purchase Area Jefferson Jackson Dinner inside Murray State’s Curris Center Ballroom. The event was sponsored by the Calloway County Democratic Executive Committee.

The candidate talked about his plans for Kentucky, starting with health care.

“What is right is my plan for health care. We’re going to put all of the most important protections of the ACA into state law. Let’s name it illegal in Kentucky to kick someone off their coverage,” Beshear told the audience.

“You should never at the end of the month have to choose between paying the power bill, buying groceries, or paying for the medication that either your parents or your children must have to survive. This is an election about our morals and who we are,” Beshear said. “I will not let insurance companies dictate who lives and who dies in Kentucky.”

Beshear also shared with the audience another priority of his — reducing opioid-related deaths.

“Every single week, we lose 30 Kentuckians to this drug epidemic. They’re my friends and family. And I know they’re you friends and your families too. And it’s finally time we get results in tackling this epidemic,” Beshear said.

Beshear contrasted himself against current Gov. Matt Bevin, who’s running for reelection.

“Each and every day, we are falling behind. We need a leader who listens more than he talks. Solves more problems than he creates. And spends less time bullying and attacking people, and more time talking about action,” Beshear said.

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Prior to taking the podium, Beshear  spoke with Local 6 about his plans for west Kentucky.

“I know that this region far too often feels left out. We’re going to prioritize it. It’s going to be everything from finally getting that I-69 bridge built and opening up the west to investing in agri-tech, where places like Murray with Murray State can create six-figure jobs right here in western Kentucky,” Beshear said.

Beshear campaigned with House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins earlier this week, and he plans to campaign with former state auditor Adam Edelen in the coming weeks, said Sam Newton, communications director for the Beshear-Coleman campaign. Both men ran against Beshear for the Democratic nomination in the May primary.

The general election will be held Nov. 5.

During the Jefferson Jackson Dinner, Local 6 also talked with other Democratic nominees for state offices: treasurer candidate Michael Bowman, auditor candidate Sheri Donahue, and secretary of state candidate Heather French Henry.

Watch our full interviews with them:

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